Mickael Hebert

Back-end lead developer

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About Me

Specialized in Node.js APIs, CLIs and TypeScript.

Available for long-term remote positions.


Technical lead (Build)

Netlify, Remote

Tech lead of Netlify Build, Plugins and Configuration. 5 million builds per month, 99.9% SLA. Improved the serverless products.

Back-end lead developer

Cardero-X, Remote

Led several financial APIs (Node/MongoDB) from start to launch.

Back-end developer

Coursio, Sweden

Created business opportunities by migrating the entire back-end from legacy PHP/MySQL to Node/GraphQL/MongoDB microservices.

Web developer

Oneflow, Sweden

Designed and implemented new features for a WYSIWYG editor.

Back-end developer

Potentialpark, Sweden

Saved 4 months/year from the team’s workload by upgrading the main product from Excel worksheets to a web stack (Node/AWS).


📗 How to write cross-platform Node.js code.


Handle errors in a simple, stable, consistent way.


Cross-platform shell command execution.


Create a full-featured REST/GraphQL API from a configuration file.


Run any Node.js version.


🤠 Object property paths with wildcards and regexps.🌵


Show some 🖤 to Node.js process errors.


🤖 Repeat tests. Repeat tests. Repeat tests.


All the characters that work on most terminals and most operating systems.


Swiss Army knife for Unix permissions.


⛑️ JSON serialization should never fail.



Delightful JavaScript testing.


Test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript.


Small, fast JavaScript parser.


JSON Schema fake data generator.


Swagger/OpenAPI JavaScript client.


Generate API documentation using JSDoc code comments.


Software complexity analysis of JavaScript abstract syntax trees.


Education / Certifications

MongoDB Inc.


MongoDB certified developer

Toulouse Business School


Master of international business


Shell-free scripts with Execa 7

How big is a string?

Node.js process errors are broken

I was Mickael's team member at Netlify for over 2 years, first as an engineer and then as Mickael's manager.

As an engineer I can say Mickael is one of the best engineers I worked with in my career. He has deep technical knowledge in Node.js, backend practices and his open source experience is extremely valuable. He is also very humble and a pleasure to work with.

As a manager the impact Mickael had on our team and on the company is immense. He helped team members (and me) grow, and did it in a kind and inclusive approach. He has led projects from start to finish, collaborating with other teams in the company and setting an example to the rest of us.

I'm grateful to be able to write this recommendation for him!

Erez Rokah

Erez Rokah

Engineering Manager at Netlify

Mickael is simply one of the best backend developers I've ever worked with.

He's very passionate about both his craft and business side of things and I especially like his caring and positive attitude. I always trust him to design and implement data models and APIs, and I can be sure that the result will be well-tested, documented, performant and reliable.

Mickael is very organised, has a keen eye for detail and a clear communication style, all of which makes him a perfect teammate to work with.

Dmitry Borody

Dmitry Borody

Full-stack Web Developer at Cardero-X

I had the pleasure of working with Mickael for one and a half year.

Mickael is a very dedicated, hard working and talented developer. He has high work ethics, and he is very very intelligent and a fast learner.

His personality is warm, inclusive and genuine. I can warmly recommend Mickael!

Anders Hamnes

Anders Hamnes

Founder and CEO at Oneflow

Mickael is passionate about software. I enjoyed discussing software and technological innovations with him.

He possesses hands-on coding skills and a great aptitude towards software development.

It's fun to work with Mickael. He would be an asset to any team.

Pratap Behera

Pratat Behera

Ed-tech/health-tech entrepreneur

Solid knowledge of fundamentals






Other languages

Development/project environment

Web clients

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